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Grooming Services

We have warm hearts for cold noses and can take ALL breeds - including giant breeds!

Dapper Dogs Grooming Ltd. is a long established dog grooming centre of excellence and the ONLY City & Guilds approved training centre in Norwich. We have been grooming dogs in Norwich for 18 years now. Our groomers are City & Guilds qualified and we pride ourselves on meeting the highest standards of grooming and listening to our customers requirements.

Products and services:- *New addition of a self service 'BATHE YOUR DOG YOURSELF' - SEE BELOW!

  • Advice on your dog's grooming needs
  • Dog Grooming - full pamper sessions!
  • Clipping and Styling - to breed standard or owner's requirements - (SEE EXAMPLE PHOTOS BELOW - CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE)
  • Hand Stripping for Wire Coated breeds
  • Pamper Session for Smooth Coated breeds
  • Puppy trims and tidies
  • Free Parking
  • Free nail trimming - just drop in with your dog between Mondays and Fridays - preferably afternoons BETWEEN 1PM AND 4PM
  • Loyalty Stamps - collect 5 stamps on your appointment card and get 20% discount on your 6th visit
  • New Self Service BATHE YOUR OWN DOG - we provide a selection of shampoos and coat products, a waterproof apron, easy and quick to use dryers, brushes and combs and we clear up the mess afterwards! What's not to like? Only available in the afternoons Mon - Fri. Book a time or - if there is a sudden need to clean your dog up - turn up and wait in line. Price from £10 for very small dogs - increasing in £2 increments up to £20 for large dogs. 

Huge Discounts given for 'model' dogs:-

We are also a training school for student groomers to learn and gain City & Guilds qualifications in dog grooming. As such we desperately need 'models' for our students to work with during course times. Please be assured that our students learn under close supervision from qualified tutors AT ALL TIMES.

To thank you for putting your dog/s forward for this, we will charge you an incredibly low price for full grooming and styling - and will 'tweak' any little errors if needed in order to present your dog looking smart and attractive.

Our students start their day promptly at 9.30am so our 'models' need to start at that time too. Your dog will be with us for a few hours and sometimes for most of the day, depending on the amount of work attached - and bearing in mind that students work quite slowly whilst learning. We will make sure that your dog has rest breaks and 2- 3 short lead walks for comfort. Our salons and training rooms are air conditioned in summer and comfortably warm in winter. We have individual holding cages which are clean and comfortable and allow your dog to rest or sleep securely. Some dogs don't like to be caged at all and for those dogs - providing they are sociable and safe to mix with other dogs and the owner is in agreement - we are happy for them to roam around amongst us. Many staff find they have the pleasure of a dog's company during their breaks! Fresh drinking water is always available for your dog whether he/she is in a holding cage or not.   

Price examples for full groom and style (Model dogs):-

  • Small dogs (no larger than a Westie or Lhasa Apso) - £12
  • Medium dogs (eg. Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Schnauzer, Tibetan Terrier) - £15
  • Medium to large dogs ( eg. Springer Spaniel, Border Collie, English Setter) £18
  • Large dogs (eg. Golden Retriever, GSD, Labradoodle, Airedale Terrier, Italian Spinone) - £21
  • Giant Breeds and Hand Strips - Individually quoted discounts

*Please do not offer as Models very old or frail dogs, aggressive biters, very nervous dogs or dogs who are blind or suffer with serious medical conditions such as epilepsy or heart disease!







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