Train for your new career in dog grooming with Dapper Dogs in Norwich. We deliver Qualification Grooming Courses (City & Guilds and Open College Network West Midlands) - as well as Commercial Grooming Courses (non qualification). Full time/Flexible or Combination training schedules. Next courses with vacancies starting November 8th - limited places left! Stay safe and keep well everyone! x

Open College Network West Midlands Level 3 Diploma Course

1) The Open College Network West Midlands Level 3 Diploma - Fast Track for Experienced Groomers - Cost £1250  (scroll down for details)

2) The Open College Network West Midlans Level 3 Diploma - Full Course For Beginners - Cost £4800 

From September 2018 we have been able to offer you a brand new and prestigious qualification course. This new qualification was introduced in 2017 to be an alternative route to the City & Guilds. The qualification is the same level as the City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma . Both the City & Guilds Diploma and the new Open College Network West Midlands Diploma are regulated by Ofqual and are the only recognised qualifications on the National Educational Framework. The qualification will provide learners with an understanding of what is required when grooming different breeds of dogs, and the skills necessary to carry out dog grooming and salon management activities.

The Fast Track Option:- If you are already a dog groomer with experience but have no formal qualifications this could be your quickest route  to gain a recognised Diploma without the need to undergo further training. 

  • You will be able to demonstrate - with the use of such documentation as records, photos and witness evidence - that you have the required  number of hours bathing, drying and styling experience in dog grooming to meet a total of 280 hours. Witness evidence can consist of your own customers signing and dating photos of their dog/dogs to endorse your evidence of grooming, attendance certificates for continued professional development, seminars and refresher days etc.

You would need to attend our training centre for an 'initiation day' in which you would be given your Learners Journal and work sheets - and we would talk you through everything you needed to do. You would also be given the option to return to us for a half day when you have completed your Learners Journal so that we can check it before it goes for marking. The Learners Journal forms part of your qualification credits so we would want to help you to ensure that the content was appropriate and sufficient to gain a successful result.

If you felt that you needed to 'polish up' on any practical skills or breed styles you would have the option to attend our Improver Days to work with us to get you ready - (this would be at an additional cost - see Improver Course for details).  

You would also need to attend our accredited Canine First Aid Course (1 day - not included in course price). 

The final unit of the qualification is to complete a practical assessment by grooming and styling one pure breed dog in the presence of an appointed Open College Network West Midlands  assessor and the date for this can be quite flexible and arranged nearer the time of completion.

Cost for Fast Track: £1250 - (inclusive of Open College Network West Midlands  Registration & Qualification, Initiation Day and Learner's Journal Guidance, all Course materials and Final Assessment and Certification).

The Open College Network West Midlands  Level 3 Diploma Full Course:-

No Entry Level - unlike the City & Guilds Diploma course, there is no requirement to complete a lower level qualification first - you can go straight on to the Open College Network West Midlands  Level 3 Diploma Course without any previous dog grooming experience.

Units included within this qualification are:

  • Assess, Plan and Record Dog Grooming Work
  • Canine First Aid
  • Carry Out Styling and Finishing of a Dog
  • Health Checking a Dog by a Dog Groomer
  • Promote and Maintain the Health and Well-Being of Animals
  • Welcome, Receive and Care for Customers

The final unit of the qualification is to complete a practical assessment by grooming and styling one pure breed dog in the presence of an appointed Open College Network West Midlands assessor and the date for this can be quite flexible and arranged nearer the time of completion.  

This is a mandatory 280 GLH (Guided Learning Hours) course. The first 140 hours are attended in a 4 week block (Mon - Fri) from 9.30am to 4.30pm. The remaining GLH can be flexible to suit your other committments and will include the 1 day Canine First Aid Course.

Cost for Full Course - £4800 - (inclusive of Open College Network West Midlands Registration & Qualification, all Diploma Course Guides and Course Journals, all Documentation,  Assessments and Final Certification).  

Payment Methods: Debit Card / Credit Card / Cash / BACS

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