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The student training facilities are equipped with variable height electric grooming tables. Each table has an overhead control bar and is operated by a hand held control unit. Each student has their own work station and will not be required to share tables, equipment or dogs.

The training centre is fully air conditioned for comfort. Constant tuition and support is provided by City & Guilds qualified tutors so that you can learn new skills with confidence.

You will use the most up to date equipment during your training with us - and learn how to use it safely and efficiently! As the course progresses you will need to use your own scissors and thinners. Scissors are precision tools of the trade and become individually balanced to each groomer's hand. 

After practical experience in each aspect of grooming you will be provided with written Training Aids to remind you of what you have learned. In addition you will be given written sheets on various aspects of animal health including the major infectious diseases, parasites, general hereditary problems and many more. Although you will cover the theoretical elements of grooming and health in this way, your time in training will concentrate mainly on the many practical skills which you will need so that you will have maximum opportunity to gain vital hands - on experience.

There are no upper age limit restrictions but applicants should be aware that dog grooming can be physically demanding and involves long periods of standing. An affinity with dogs is essential, and "would be" groomers need to possess infinite patience whilst, at the same time, exercising firm but gentle control.